Interact Latam joins an association of Latin American companies

Interact Latam joins an association of Latin American companies

Interact Latam, Interact’s unit focused on international business, became part of the Latin American Network of Processes, Technology and Management. It is a group of providers of products, services and specialized training in processes, technology and management, formed by nine companies.

The challenge of the Latin American Network is to jointly offer innovative solutions for different ecosystems, which assist companies in improving strategic management in the face of the challenges of the digital age. The group has more than 50 consultants specialized in management, processes and technology, present in countries such as Brazil, Colombia, the United States (Miami), Honduras, Mexico and Panama.

For the Director of Interact Latam, Fernando Estrada, joining the network should increase the company’s reach abroad. “In this new context that we are living in, we consider it increasingly important to work in our essence as Interact Latam, within Interact Bridges, establishing bridges and seeking synergies. For this reason, we entered the Latin American Network and thus we can achieve a much greater coverage in the international market”, he explains.

As luggage, Interact brings more than 20 years of experience in technology for corporate intelligence to the group. Among its portfolio, it presents solutions such as Process Management, Quality Management, 3P’s Office and Compliance and Risk Management. Outside Brazil, it has nine distributors and eight customers in seven countries.

Articulated work by nine companies

In addition to Interact Latam, the Latin American Process, Technology and Management Network is comprised of IBKIN – International Bureau of Knowledge and Innovation, the largest Hispanic-American innovation management community; Digidata, from Colombia, a company specialized in corporate management, which is also a commercial partner of InteractCoba Group, from Colombia, a specialist in business architecture and processes who is also a Interact’s business partnerP&P Systems, from Colombia, a company specialized in technological infrastructure and information security; Core Business, from Colombia, investment consultancy and business acceleration; Grupo Astran, from Mexico, a company specialized in project management; Conserta, from Colombia, technology security consultancy; and INTSIS, from Honduras, a specialist in consulting and advisory services in computer services.

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