Interact launches Suite SA version 10

Interact launches Suite SA version 10

On the last thursday, 04/04, Interact launched version 10 of Suite SA. The Interact Suite SA is much more than a Corporate Governance software, as it brings a revolution to companies’ strategies and operations. The platform is modular and designed to meet all management stages, from the strategic level to the operational one.

The tool is present in governmental and private organizations, and its applications undergo regular updates to ensure usability, security and meeting market needs.

The version’s news starts right at the login screen, which has been updated to reflect the new visual identity, conveying innovation and practicality, as well as providing a more pleasant and positive first contact.


Check out all the new features of version 10:

– Dynamic navigation: breadcrumbs have also been enhanced, making it easier to navigate between different sections in just a few clicks, providing a smoother experience.


– Usability and elegance: the aesthetics and functionalities of the applications have been enhanced, providing a touch of lightness so that the user feels more comfortable when performing tasks. Prompts have also received special attention and the changes made have improved both the visual aspect and usability.


The usable area of the screen has been increased by 15%, providing clients with more space for what truly matters, offering a comprehensive view of the data. Additionally, the scrollbar, gauges, traffic lights, rankings and other visual elements have been carefully designed to enhance this visual experience.


– Guidance screens: say goodbye to blank screens; starting from this version, screens feature tips and guidance on what to do, providing support and information exactly where users need it.


– Employee dashboard: allows adding a favorite photo, viewing appointments and pending tasks, analyzing the indicator diagram, inserting a countdown for upcoming vacations, setting shortcuts to create occurrences, documents and much more.


– Custom Display: enables enhancing experiences and customizing functions within the Governance Manager Administrator. This functionality provides greater flexibility, allowing the user to adapt the names and icons of functions to accurately represent the mode of use.


– Indicator Overview: this new feature enables customers to gain a detailed and comprehensive view of indicators. The main advantage of the Overview tab is the ease of switching between Standard, Historical and Growth types. This tab gathers all relevant information: traffic lights, diagrams, gauges, values, data tables, calculation formulas, related indicators and action creation.


– Project Progress: in addition to monitoring the project’s financial progress, the new Curves S tab will present both the financial evolution chart and the project’s physical tracking.


– Business Impact Analysis (BIA): the Business Impact Analysis (BIA) solution is capable of identifying and assessing the effect of business interruptions and taking preventive measures to mitigate damages and risks. The analysis can be used to define recovery and contingency strategies, aiming to reduce impacts and restore operations.


– Interact Pocket: the mobile version of Interact Suite SA has a new look. Significant enhancements to the home screen have been made, incorporating customized information. This update aims to facilitate quick access to essential items and content of interest.

The arrangement of elements on the screen has also been refined to ensure greater usability and simplicity, maintaining a clean and intuitive interface.


– Kanban: the Kanban component has been added, allowing teams to manage tasks in a simple and intuitive way. By creating cards for each task, organize them among the defined stages. It’s possible to sort the cards and move them between columns simply by dragging.

– Meetings and Minutes: the new Meetings and Minutes solution expands corporate governance for more efficient and transparent collaboration. With an online editor, real-time actions, easy email sending, and flexible features, the solution is the key to organizing, conducting, and documenting company commitments.

– Artificial Intelligence in BPM: Artificial Intelligence will work in favor of users to optimize processes with the new assistant in the Process Manager. With a simple interaction in the chat, the assistant springs into action and, in a matter of seconds, provides intelligent suggestions to enhance the flow. It allows users to discover steps that can be removed, receive suggestions and improvement opportunities, and generate a complete model from a simple title and description.


Suite SA 10 is now available for all clients who wish to update their versions. Simply contact the Customer Support department.

And if you’re not familiar with Interact Suite SA yet, visit our website and learn more!


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