Interact receives PRODAF award

Interact receives PRODAF award

The Senac and Fecomércio / RS system granted Interact its recognition for excellence in the provision of services. The award is part of the Supplier Development and Evaluation Program (PRODAF in portuguese), held annually by the entities. In the edition referring to the services provided in 2020, a total of 72 suppliers were honored, from the most diverse fields of activity.

PRODAF is a program aimed at the growth of all companies involved in the supply chain for materials and services in the Senac and Fecomércio system in Rio Grande do Sul. Its objective is to create and maintain the supplier network, improving supply performance and competitiveness of the organizations involved.

The entities that grant this award develop their management processes based on the Management Excellence Model (MEG), and the ISO 9001: 2015 standard. In this way, they seek an active relationship with their supply chain. Such actions are part of a process of internal improvement of institutions in order to maintain competitiveness in their market.

PRODAF reviews

The grades of each supplier are given on a scale from 0 to 10 and follow strict criteria. Then, they are divided into three parts:

Disqualified supplier: In this category, the supplier had its performance score evaluated between 0 and 8.49. When presenting this performance, he goes through the Development Program, which will indicate protocols for the solution of non-conformities and subsequent reassessment.

Partially qualified supplier: In this case, the supplier scored between 8.5 and 9.49. In this way, it receives instructions with opportunities for improvement to achieve the proposed goal.

Qualified supplier: When it meets expectations and scores between 9.5 and 10. This result allows the supplier to make a decisive contribution to achieving the results of SENAC and Fecomércio / RS.
Based on these assessments and actions throughout the year, the entities select the Highlights of the Year and publish them in the media.

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