Interact RS visits clients in Pará

Interact RS visits clients in Pará

In December 2023, Interact RS, represented by Diego Fonseca and Paulo Antunes, visited three clients in the cities of Canaã dos Carajás and Parauapebas, both located in the interior of the state of Pará.

The region is home to the clients Hospital 5 de Outubro, Clínica Censo and Hospital Yutaka Takeda. They approached Interact seeking the Quality Management solution, aiming to enhance the quality and control of the services provided, as well as pursuing ONA certification.

During the visit, the clients took the opportunity to ask questions and also present improvements made following the implementation of the tool.


“We would like to express our satisfaction with the Interact system, as it is a tool that enables and facilitates process management. It’s a key component when it comes to notifications, handling, reporting, monitoring, analysis of indicators and action plans. Additionally, it’s an easily accessible tool for employees, allowing them to view overall institutional results and record process interaction notifications and incidents.” – highlights Laiani de Morais Santos, Quality Manager Nurse at Hospital 5 de Outubro, in the city of Canaã dos Carajás.


The visit also served to highlight the importance of close interaction, not only online but also in person whenever possible, making the implementation process and communication even more productive and effective, respectively.

“And beyond the system’s agenda itself, it’s different to be received by them with the joy and enthusiasm akin to welcoming a guest into their own homes, with coffee, presentations, a guided tour of the space, and plenty of user feedback,” Diego shares.

On that occasion, the Interact RS team also received many compliments and suggestions, which allowed them to return with an extra baggage of knowledge and cultural exchanges.


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Hospital 5 de Outubro has been an Interact client since 2018 when it began the implementation process, bringing transparency to management and continuous improvement in process development. Moreover, the software’s use has been extremely important for many achievements such as the Cofen Quality Seal and ONA Accreditation.

On the other hand, Clínica Censo also achieved ONA Accreditation after implementing Suite SA, making Censo the only occupational health clinic in Brazil with an internationally recognized quality certificate.

As for Hospital Yutaka Takeda, it holds ONA 3 certification, was the first hospital in Brazil certified by the Federal Nursing Council’s Quality Program, attesting to the quality of care, and is recognized with Green Kitchen certifications for sustainable good practices, such as the full use of food and promotion of healthy eating.

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