Interact’s city is a highlight in development in Brazil

Interact’s city is a highlight in development in Brazil

Of the 100 most developed municipalities in Brazil, Interact’s home city, Lajeado, is in 6th place. This is the evaluation of the most recent FIRJAN Municipal Development Index (IFDM), with data on Health, Education, Employment and Income from 5,471 municipalities in the period of 2016.


Among the top ten, only two cities from The State of The State appear: Vale Real and Lajeado. Among the 50, Campo Bom (36th) and Mato Leitão (45th) enter the list. The ranking has 18 cities in Rio Grande do Sul, four of which are from the Vales do Taquari and Rio Pardo: Lajeado (6th), Mato Leitão (45th), Muçum (54th) and Santa Cruz do Sul (78th).

Interact’s physical structure is distributed in two of these cities: Lajeado (Interact Solutions and Interact Bridges), a taquari valley hub, and Santa Cruz do Sul (Interact Technology), a pole of the Vale do Rio Pardo. In addition, it has employees from the four cities of the Região do Vale represented in the ranking.

The IFDM is a study of the FIRJAN System. Created in 2008, it is based on official public statistics, made available by the Ministries of Labor, Education and Health. The index classifies the municipalities into four categories: High development (results higher than 0.8 points, case of the best hundred), Moderate development (results between 0.6 and 0.8 points), Regular development (results between 0.4 and 0.6 points) and Low development (results below 0.4 points)


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