New interns from UNIR will carry out their internships with Interact Latam

New interns from UNIR will carry out their internships with Interact Latam

The international business unit of Interact, Interact Latam, is already preparing to welcome the new students who will begin their curricular and extracurricular internships between March and July 2024. This group of students, coming from various specializations such as Business Administration, Strategic Process Management, Customer Experience Innovation, and Digital Transformation Processes, will contribute their experience and knowledge to real projects to strengthen their skills.

One of the particularities of this new group of interns is the inclusion of a student who will carry out his internship in a hybrid format from Lima, Peru. This approach reflects Interact Latam’s commitment to offering flexible learning opportunities with real experiences.

The UNIR students will have the opportunity to gain practical experience in real projects for clients from various Latin American countries, collaborating with Interact Latam consultants.


Some of the activities they will participate in include:

  • Mapping and modeling business processes.
  • Analyzing and designing solutions to optimize processes.
  • Documenting process mapping and delivery.
  • Certification in the use of the Interact Suite SA platform.
  • Automating processes using Interact’s BPMS, Process Manager.
  • Working from the perspective of the Customer Journey for business processes.
  • Suggesting technical methods and/or technological tools to be implemented in Interact Suite SA process analysis tools.


According to Fernando Estrada, director of Interact Latam, the agreement establishes an important alliance between Interact and UNIR, which has international prestige. “Interact is very pleased with this relationship, which brings confidence and value from day one, understanding that from Interact Latam we could really contribute to the practical training of students.”

In the two years that Interact Latam has received students from UNIR’s Master’s programs, up to 15 participants from the Professional Master’s internships at the University of La Rioja have already passed through. Furthermore, these students come from 05 countries, such as Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Spain, and Bolivia.

UNIR is one of the leading universities in Spain and stands out for being completely online, offering the most innovative technologies for comprehensive and personalized education to more than 60,000 students from 100 countries. Currently, it offers 100 postgraduate courses and three doctoral programs.

Interact Latam extends its warmest welcome to UNIR students.

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