Process Management related to a rowing team

Process Management related to a rowing team

The world of sports always has many valuable lessons, both for our personal and professional lives.

Tennis, for example, teaches leaders about accepting mistakes, self-confidence, persistence, among other lessons that can be found in full in an article posted here on the blog.

With rowing, it couldn’t be different! In addition to learning about people management and management in general, we can also better understand how Process Management works.

Check it out below:

01 Process as the River

The river represents the workflow and daily operations of the organization. Just as a river has swift curves and calm stretches, business processes can have different stages and levels of complexity.


02 Rowing Team as Departments or Teams

Each rower in the boat represents a department or team within the organization. Each team member plays a specific role, just as each department has defined activities and responsibilities.


03 Coordination and Synchronization

Synchronization in rowing is crucial for moving efficiently. Similarly, in process management, coordination between departments is essential for the efficient flow of work. If one rower is not synchronized with others, the boat may veer off course; analogously, a lack of coordination between departments can impact deviations in processes and operational efficiency.


04 Common Goal

The common goal of the rowing team is to reach the desired destination. In process management, the common goal is to achieve efficiency, quality, satisfaction, and meet strategic objectives. All rowers must be aligned in their efforts, just as departments need to work together to achieve established goals.



05 Monitoring and Continuous Improvement

Just as a captain oversees the performance of the rowers, constant monitoring is necessary in process management. Both systems promote continuous improvement, adjusting rowing techniques or enhancing internal processes to maximize efficiency and performance.



Author: Interact Latam

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