Quality Management: know Interact’s track record of excellence

Institutional 27/10/2023
Quality Management: know Interact’s track record of excellence

Example coming from home. Since 2006, Interact Solutions has participated in the implementation process of the Management Evaluation System (SAG) of the Programa Gaúcho da Qualidade e Produtividade (PGQP). The SAG is an organizational diagnostic tool, which verifies the stage of management development, identifies gaps and enables the elaboration of the Action Plan of the Management System of organizations.


The following year, the company began to receive external evaluation from the PGQP. The result came immediately: in 2007 and 2008, reached the maximum level of scoring, awarded consecutively with distinction with merit. Inserted in the modality Commitment to Excellence, obtained in 2009 the Bronze Medal of the PGQP.

In 2010, he raised the bar for the Rumo à excelência modality. The management report in search of the Bronze Trophy was submitted, but the company was not classified for the next step. In the other year, he received a Diploma of Recognition of the SAG of the PGQP for participation in all stages, with emphasis on external evaluation in search of continuous improvement.

Improvement as a process

The improvement process has comings and goings. In 2012, Interact resubmitted the report to compete for the Bronze Trophy, without winning the award. In the same year, he hired a consultancy to assist in the Mobilization for The Improvement of Management, in order to align the Interact Management System (SGI) with the Model of Excellence of Management (MEG), created by the National Quality Foundation (FNQ).

With the consolidated improvements and the experience gained in eight years of PGQP, he won in 2013 the Bronze Trophy of the RS Quality Award, known as the Oscar of Quality. The event consecrates gaucho organizations that stood out in the area of Quality Management with medals and trophies, in a great annual celebration.

Currently, Interact’s next challenge is the search for the Silver Trophy of the RS Quality Award. It also falls into the Category Towards Excellence, which the company has experience of participation. The main prerequisite is to have obtained the Bronze Trophy. The last prize of this category is the Gold Trophy, on condition that he holds the Silver Trophy. In total, PGQP offers five degrees of recognition.

Above the Category Towards Excellence, the PGQP has the Exemplary modality, with the Diamond Trophy, and the World Class level, with the National Quality Award, organized by FNQ. If a gaucho company obtains this last achievement, as a consequence the PGQP grants the following year the Diamond Trophy.

Since 2007, PGQP has partnered with Interact. On the one hand, the relationship is as a customer, because the entity uses automated tools in its own management. On the other hand, Interact participates annually in PGQP events, both as a sponsor and with the exhibition in stands of the various information technology solutions for corporations.

How the PQRS assessment works

The PGQP SAG aligns with FNQ’s MEG. The evaluation instrument is based on practices found in high-performance organizations, which make both products and processes more effective. The approach has eight evaluation criteria, without determining specific methodologies:

  1. Sustainable development;
  2. Commitment to stakeholders;
  3. Adaptability;
  4. Systemic thinking;
  5. Transformative leadership;
  6. Process guidance;
  7. Value creation;
  8. Organizational learning and innovation.

The purposes of the award are:

  • Evaluate the management system through an external, impartial evaluation, which uses internationally recognized criteria, through systemic evaluation, generating a formal feedback;
  • Receive the Evaluation Report, which contains Strengths and Opportunities for Improvement, from which a consistent Management System Improvement Plan can be structured;
  • State recognition and national visibility as an Organization with management system aligned with the principles of quality;
  • Enjoy the visibility of PQRS for advertising purposes;
  • Recognition of the workforce;
  • Community recognition with information on successful management practices.

About PGQP

Created 26 years ago, PGQP aims at excellence in management. It currently has more than 11,000 corporate companies and 1.3 million people. Throughout its history, it has trained more than 300,000 people through a network of 70 sectoral and regional committees aimed at developing quality, sustainability and innovation.

The entity organizes the largest event in the world in the Quality area, the International Congress of Management, where the ceremonies of the RS Quality Award and the RS Innovation Award take place. In 2017, the PGQP launched the merit called Exemplary in the Application of the Fundamentals of Excellence in Management. The goal is to decorate organizations that are a reference in the application of the eight Fundamentals of Excellence in Management.

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