Occurrences Dashboard

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The SA Occurrence Manager enables the integration of BI (Business Intelligence) dashboards created with Microsoft’s Power BI, a business analytics service. The tool allows for the graphical and objective visualization of similar information from different types of occurrences with common custom fields. This way, users can analyze consolidated information from various different module forms, applying value filters to their fields.

The tool also allows access to analyses in a comprehensive or individual manner. Additionally, it offers many other conveniences and functionalities:

  • Interaction with graphs
  • Drill-down of data in the Pivot
  • Comparison of periods and filtering by months (individually)
  • Filtering occurrences by responsible party
  • Checking their status

This dashboard is a modern solution that facilitates management. It helps monitor and analyze occurrences in each organization. With this, you can optimize decision-making in problem identification, focusing on solutions.

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