Model Dashboard for Indicators

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A BI analysis seeks to consolidate different pieces of information in just one place, with a well-defined layout and objectives to facilitate the gathering of information and decision-making for those evaluating your data.

Interact already offers various customized dashboards for its clients, presenting information from different modules or integrating with other systems. Leveraging the entire Power BI technology for implementation and deployment.

However, in this specific case, we offer the indicator model dashboard as a more configurable solution for clients.

With a pre-defined layout and a customization screen, the client can duplicate this dashboard and configure each visualization with the desired indicators.

Providing more autonomy to system users, in addition to making the dashboard more accessible.

In the video below, you can check all the information that the dashboard can offer you.

If interested, you can request a proposal to acquire this dashboard by clicking the “Request Now” button; from there, a ticket will be created, and we will contact you to align the details.

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