Importation of Documents to SA via Google Drive and Storage Cloud  

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It is possible to import documents to SA that are published on Google Drive or in the Google Storage Cloud, such as spreadsheets, documents, presentations, and other files.

The importation of documents to SA will be done via a customized script that will read a spreadsheet. In it, information such as code, name, category, version, and the link to the Google document can be provided (additional fields can be provided as needed). With this data, each line/document in the spreadsheet will be imported into the Document Manager.

To consume the Google APIs, which allow access to documents and their download, it is necessary to have a Google Workspace account. Interact can use its own Google Workspace account when performing legacy imports (when the script is executed only by Interact technicians). If the client wishes to have the script in their environment for periodic execution, the client must provide the Google Workspace account.

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