Interact Latam and Infoquality S.A. have completed the implementation of the BPMS at Atuntaqui Savings and Credit Cooperative

Interact Latam and Infoquality S.A. have completed the implementation of the BPMS at Atuntaqui Savings and Credit Cooperative

Interact Latam, together with its local partner Infoquality SA, has completed the implementation of the BPMS, S.A. Process Manager module, at Atuntaqui Savings and Credit Cooperative. The project’s completion was formalized during a kick-out meeting, which addressed the most relevant topics of the project.

At the closing meeting, internal areas of Cooperativa Atuntaqui were present: Planning and Processes, Human Development, Risk, Financial, Information Technology, Operations, Audit, Information Security, Continuous Improvement and Innovation.

Atuntaqui Cooperative identified the need to start Process Management, with the aim of improving and automating business processes. Specifically, the goal was to automate the “Internal Requirements Management Window” process to control the flow of information, response times, and responsibilities, both internally and externally.

The project scope included the BPM Week Program and, subsequently, the assessment of the current process to then apply the comprehensive redesign and automation of the process.

One of the client’s requirements, in addition to automation, was to be able to control and analyze the process, and now this can be done through the functionalities of the BPMS, such as ‘Timeline,’ ‘Heat Map Analysis’ to detect bottlenecks, facilitate decision-making, and generate customized reports for each process execution.

“The BPM Week is a fundamental step at the beginning of projects, as it aims to share and standardize knowledge about Process Management methodology within the Cooperative, addressing conceptual topics of the discipline such as value chain, process map, architecture, and process modeling in BPMN notation. The development of a practical exercise to be worked on dynamically and playfully. The BPM WEEK has become an initiative with great power in Change Management in our projects,” emphasizes Fernando Estrada, director of Interact Latam.


The implementation of the Interact LATAM BPMS will bring tangible benefits to the Cooperative, including:

  • Effective standardization in process execution;
  • Real-time monitoring and control;
  • Identification of bottlenecks;
  • Analysis for Continuous Improvement;
  • Process simulation based on different scenarios and comparison.

The implementation team consisted of the Interact Latam’s International Projects Coordinator, Iván Lasso, Infoquality’s Director Boris Valencia, and consultants David Ágreda and Carolina Torres, who graduated from the UNIR Master’s Program in Strategic Processes and formerly interned at Interact LATAM.

The implementation involved both in-person components, such as the Kick-off workshop held in Atuntaqui, and remote support from teams in Peru and Brazil.

The completion of this project is a milestone for Interact Latam, reaffirming our commitment to expanding our presence alongside strategic allies like Infoquality S.A., while also showcasing the benefits of BPM and SA Process Management in financial institutions in Ecuador and Latin America.

Learn more about Cooperativa Atuntaqui:

Founded in 1963, Cooperativa de Poupança e Crédito Atuntaqui Ltda is a solid and secure institution in the Ecuadorian market. The Cooperative promotes the well-being and development of the community by offering agile and timely financial services.

Located in the northern region, in the center of the country, it belongs to the “Segment 1” of the popular and solidarity economy sector, standing out as one of the strongest cooperatives in Ecuador.

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