Interact’s customer satisfaction reaches 92% in 2023

Interact’s customer satisfaction reaches 92% in 2023

From October to November 2023, Interact conducted the Customer Satisfaction Survey with the aim of evaluating customer satisfaction and understanding their expectations and needs, thus enhancing continuous improvement in both service channels and the SA Suite. The survey is traditionally conducted with experts, IT contacts and strategic contacts of clients throughout Latin America to identify perceptions at each level of interaction.

This year, the responses showed overall satisfaction growth compared to the previous year, reaching 92%. Additionally, there were no records of complaints at Interact, which is considered a last resort contact channel.

Tiago Wilke de Polo, Interact’s Customer Success, highlights that this year proactive relationship routines and processes were adopted to get closer to customers, aiming to identify dissatisfaction and needs in advance.

“We rely on the support of Project Consultants, who bring to us dissatisfaction, complaints, and other improvement suggestions so that we can address them directly with the client and facilitate their day-to-day with the SA Suite,” he comments.

Furthermore, the survey also requested a description of Interact in three words, with security, efficiency, and quality being the most mentioned among the evaluated relationship audiences. Not coincidentally, these are also among the premises of the SA Suite in the daily operations of companies.

Based on the results, the areas, along with Customer Success, will implement process and service improvements to make deliveries increasingly agile and technological, positively impacting the customer experience.

In addition to these actions, 2024 will be a year of many innovations, also marked by the celebrations of Interact’s 25th anniversary. Follow our communication channels and stay updated.

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