The importance of technology in the decision-making process

The importance of technology in the decision-making process

A decision is a choice between different options or possibilities that are taken to solve problems or seize opportunities. But if we don’t have the main product, that is, the information in a timely and available way, nothing will be possible. Many directors and managers do not arrive at a real solution within companies because they do not know, first: to identify the “problem-cause”, they always focus on the “problem-effect”.

To assist in this process and point to effective solutions, we need information technology.

In any case, we must consider:

problem = opportunity for improvement

problematic = process

But, to simplify the understanding, we will call the Project Process under the focus “Problem-Solution”.

To make effective decisions, I recommend following a process: Six Sigma base methodology (methodology for providing better, faster and process-based products). Along this line, we move on to the following steps:

DEFINE: formulate the Project

It implies defining the objectives of the Project based on a preliminary model of the problem that includes the following activities:

  • Define the work team;
  • Collect the needs and expectations of those involved;
  • Identify problems or opportunities for improvement;
  • Establish preliminary objectives, deadlines and costs of activities.

Recommended tools:

  • Project sheet to consolidate Objectives, Deadlines and Costs;
  • Two-dimensional framework to determine the importance of elements based on two variables;
  • Characterization diagram for general understanding of the system.

MEASURE: establish a Measurement System

Measure the frequency and possibilities of errors to establish goals based on the collection of internal and competitors’ numerical information. Suggested activities:

  • Establish the Process Flow;
  • Establish key elements of the problem;
  • Define relevant indicators;
  • Collect numerical information;
  • Validate the Measurement System to use it in the following phases.

Recommended tools:

  • Indicator sheets to specify the metrics and their sources;
  • Process Flowchart to identify key elements;
  • Benchmarketing to set realistic and relevant goals.

ANALYZE: structure problem and solutions

Deepen the causes that determine errors and define opportunities for improvement by prioritizing them. Suggested activities:

  • Analyze Cause-Effect relationships;
  • Validate relationships based on indicators;
  • Define solution alternatives.

DEPLOY: select and apply solutions

Define the specific elements that will be changed and the final goals. Develop the change project. Suggested activities:

  • Select alternatives to be implemented;
  • Final project plan;
  • Deploy solutions.

Recommended tools:

  • Management report to systematically monitor the project;
  • Pareto diagram to select the solutions that contribute the most value.

CONTROL: ensure continuous improvement

 Implement a Monitoring System to prevent previous practices from being resumed and additional problems identified.

  • Monitor the process to identify attempts to “go back to the past”;
  • Identification of additional problems.

Recommended tools:

  • Control table to establish incentive systems for those involved;
  • Benchmarking to keep the process within competitive parameters;
  • Define roles and responsibilities in improvement activities.

Final recommendations

  • To make decisions, the fundamental raw material is formal information, supported by a good IT platform with online information. Analyzing data from a period is like performing a management autopsy;
  • Do not focus on just one source of information, let alone underestimate or overestimate the value of the information received from others;
  • Let your employees participate and listen. Give them attention;
  • Consider education or preparation, the level of decision, your values and beliefs, people’s motivation and expectations.

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