How the 3Ps Office can improve your results

How the 3Ps Office can improve your results

Planning, Projects and Processes. Words that translate three fundamental axes of an efficient strategy for your company. But how does it actually work?

Every manager wants the strategic positioning of his organization to reach the different hierarchical levels – from operational to leadership. The larger the company is, the more complex the challenge of going through the established guidelines also becomes.

The purpose of every manager is to generate SYNERGIES between the strategic, tactical and operational levels. The renowned Harvard Business School professor, Michael Porter, defines these synergies as STRATEGIC FIT. In other words, it is the degree of adjustment between the company’s resources and capabilities with the opportunities of the external environment.

“Strategy is the creation of compatibility between the company’s activities” – Michael Porter

Interact’s 3Ps Office seeks to spread these synergies across all levels of organizations through management and intelligence software. The proposal meets five principles to align the planning, projects and operations systems:

– Mobilize change through executive leadership;

II – Translate the strategy into operational terms;

III – Align the organization with the strategy;

IV – Motivate to transform the strategy into a task for everyone;

V – Manage with the objective of converting the strategy into an ongoing process.

“A sensible strategy starts with a correct objective. And I say that the only objective capable of respecting a sensible strategy is to increase profitability ”- Michael Porter

These five principles dialogue with the guidelines of three of the main organizational methodologies used today in the world.

  • In Planning, we operate according to the Balanced Scorecard, a methodology for measuring and managing performance, created in the 1990s by David Norton and Robert Kaplan;
  • In Projects, we articulate with the standards of the Project Management Institute (PMI – Project Management Institute), founded in 1969 in the United States and currently one of the largest associations for project management professionals;
  • In Processes, we use the renowned Business Process Management (BPM – Business Process Management), a concept that has been part of three major waves since the 1950s and that unites business management with information technology, in order to optimize results organizations.

“In any company, information technology has powerful effects on competitive advantage, both in cost and differentiation” – Michael Porter

Interact’s 3P logic thus translates into a unique software solution, which generates added value by linking three modules of the Suite SA-Strategic Adviser:

SA Governance Manager

Ensures the organization’s planning. Disseminates strategic culture to all organizational levels.

SA Project Manager

Automates and manages all stages of a project. It presents efficient results from these processes.

SA Process Manager

Automates the organization’s processes in order to obtain greater productivity. Disseminates processes to everyone involved through the BPM. Improves time management and communication between areas.

In short, the strategic proposal of Interact’s 3Ps is capable of analyzing, controlling and managing operational processes aligned with macro processes. Therefore, it seeks both at a methodological and functional level to identify the benefits of working in a coherent and logical way the organizational strategy.

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