Interact promotes BPM training with Rede La Salle

Interact promotes BPM training with Rede La Salle

Interact conducts a training in Business Process Management (BPM) at the maintainer of The La Salle Network, in Porto Alegre. They provide training to Project Consultant, Sabrine Datsch, and Project Analyst Arthur Saraiva. The third of six meetings took place last week. In total, the course includes 40 hours of activities.

The training is based on the Process Management Cycle, a methodology deepened by employees in Interact’s BPM Week. Four members of the maintainer, three of the Canoas Unit and two by videoconference in São Paulo participate in the La Salle Network. They hold positions in the areas of Purchasing, Human Resources and Information Technology.

For Arthur Saraiva, bpm week’s methodology has contributed to the training. “The conceptual practice of cardboard modeling had a very positive impact on the participants, because they were already aware of the process and the bpmn’s own notation,” he says. To date, the team has addressed process mapping, process redesign, and technical modeling in the SA Process Manager system.

In the next meetings, the rules of form, process automation, homologation and generation of new versions will be dealt with. In addition, the mobile version, success cases, analysis tools, artifacts and integration with other Interact solutions, such as Quality Management and 3Ps Office, will be presented.

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Maintainer of Rede La Salle, in Porto Alegre, where the BPM training takes place

A Rede La Salle é uma rede de escolas e universidades presente em 80 países. No Brasil desde 1907, a região integra a Província La Salle Brasil-Chile, unidade administrativa do Instituto dos Irmãos das Escolas Cristãs. Hoje, atuam nas Comunidades Educativas e Assistenciais da Rede La Salle, no Brasil, mais de 180 Irmãos Lassalistas e 5 mil educadores, que acolhem a mais de 45 mil estudantes, em todos os níveis de ensino, em nove estados e no Distrito Federal.

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